Cleaning agent equipment industry technology latest trends

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Cleaning agentThe division of labor in the equipment industry is becoming more and more refined. The rotating water jet has become dominant.

The Munich World Expo (IFAT) was started in 1966. It is a professional trade flagship fair in the field of environment and water resources. It is recognized as an exhibition that leads the latest international trend and the global weather vane in the industry. IFAT's B4 exhibition hall is a professional exhibition area for industrial cleaning equipment, related accessories and various testing instruments. The exhibition hall is home to almost all the world's top manufacturers of high-pressure water cleaning equipment, cleaning tools, related accessories and supporting cleaning effect testing instruments. The delegates wandered in the sea of advanced equipment, with great enthusiasm and fruitful results.
From the exhibition, the division of labor in the cleaning industry is getting finer and finer. In addition to manufacturers of complete sets of high-pressure plunger pump equipment, manufacturers of related supporting products have also participated in the exhibition, such as high-pressure hoses, nozzle nozzles, seals, safety protection, endoscope testing instruments, professional tools, sewage recycling and treatment equipment, automatic remote control The latest system and so on.
In addition to complete sets of high-pressure cleaning equipment, a variety of supporting cleaning tools are also of great concern. A high-pressure water cleaning unit, even if its pressure is high and the flow rate is large, if there is no suitable cleaning tool, the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. Choosing the right cleaning tool is very important.
Almost all the supporting accessories exhibitors have introduced a variety of newly designed rotary jet tools. Compared with a conventional non-rotating spray tool, the rotary spray cleaning speed is fast and the cleaning effect is good (the cleaning rate is high). Some of these rotary injection tools are self-rotating, some need to rely on external force air motor or hydraulic motor to drive rotation, some without speed limit free injection, some with magnetic force or oil damping speed limit, some cross-rotating injection, and porous, special shape design, etc. Rotating water jet has become the dominant process when industrial equipment is cleaned with high pressure water.