Analysis on the Development Trend of Cleaning Agent Technology at Home and Abroad

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Technical Gap of Cleaning Agent at Home and Abroad in 1. and Its Reasons

(1) Technology gap analysis

Although our countryIndustrial CleaningWith the vigorous development of my country's industrial economy over the years, the technical capabilities and technical equipment levels have made great progress. However, there is still a big gap compared with industrialized countries and developed countries, especially in the development of science and technology to support the industry. There are serious deficiencies, mainly in the following aspects:
First, heavy equipment or technology introduction, light digestion and absorption and innovation, technical equipment research and development capacity is insufficient. DueIndustrial CleaningTechnology belongs to the application technology, foreign countries have a lot of mature application technology and equipment, for a long time the technical difficulty of large-scale cleaning equipment, especially the key technology and equipment, almost all imported from abroad. The development of new products in China's industrial cleaning industry has not really got rid of the situation of tracking imitation, and the problem of weak innovation ability is more prominent.
Second, there is a serious shortage of investment in science and technology. As 80% of enterprises in the industrial cleaning industry are small and micro enterprises, and their service areas are scattered, their research strength and scientific research motivation are generally low. At the same time, government funding and professional industrial services are relatively small.
Third, the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning technology is relatively backward and cannot support the development of the industry. Due to the lag of development work and the low level of technology, it leads to the high energy consumption and high pollution in the production process of cleaning products and cleaning projects. The development of new environmental protection, pollution-free and low-cost green cleaning technology has become the inevitable development trend and competitive conditions of the cleaning industry.
Fourth, the lack of industry standards and industry norms. Industrial cleaning industry is a new industry developed with the progress of science and technology and the gradual subdivision of modern industry. At present, there are only five national standards that domestic industrial cleaning enterprises can refer to and implement, and only three industry standards that can be referred to from the petroleum and chemical industries, which simply do not meet the general requirements of cross-industry services. At the same time, there is a lack of production safety standards and operation systems with industry characteristics, and the industry-based safety management and safety supervision mechanism has not yet been established, resulting in a situation where some operations have no rules to follow and some services have no standards to follow.
Fifth, the industry employees have low cultural level, high mobility and low skill level. The industrial cleaning industry is an emerging industry developed by the popularization of new technologies, and it is still a labor-intensive industry. At present, the quality of employees in the industry is not optimistic. The front-line staff have junior high school education in the majority, high school and secondary professional school education in the minority, and those with college education or above are rare. Due to the high intensity of cleaning site work, poor working environment, slightly higher education and can adapt to the complexity of on-site work personnel, do not want to engage in the specific work of cleaning line. At the same time, for enterprises, they can not recruit high skilled talents when they are in urgent need on the spot. After sending the existing low quality personnel to professional training, their ability has been improved, and it is easy to change jobs and flow. The bottleneck of excessive talent mobility in the cleaning industry has seriously restricted the healthy development of the industry.

(2) Reasons for the gap

Domestic cleaning equipment enterprises awareness of scientific and technological innovation remains to be improved. From the perspective of the production of high-pressure water cleaning equipment and its supporting accessories, there is indeed a certain gap between domestic enterprises and developed countries such as Europe and the United States, lack of innovation consciousness, insufficient investment in research and development funds, and the old concept of "one drawing for ten years" still exists, ultra-high pressure
There are still blind spots in areas above (3000bar) and high power (500kW).