Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

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The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology in the cleaning of automobile engine cylinder blocks and parts. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning has the following advantages:

1. Clean more thoroughly

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology shows that this method is very suitableCleaning the engineCylinder block, cylinder head and other complex-shaped components. If such parts are cleaned manually, there are many parts that are difficult or impossible to clean, and the use of tools cannot achieve good cleaning results.Cleaning agentIt can only dissolve part of the dirt, and it is also powerless for stubborn dirt and dirt inside the parts. Ultrasonic technology cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning method, like countless small brushes cleaning the inner and outer surfaces of the object at the same time, so that the cleaning of the inner surface and the inner hole that cannot be completed by the traditional method can be completed at one time.

2. Safe operation and energy saving

Small parts of the current use of gasoline or diesel cleaning, so the operation of the safety factor is very low, easy to cause accidents. And ultrasonic technology cleaning usewater-based cleaning agentThere is no hidden danger of accident.

3. High work efficiency

Just disassemble the parts and put them in the wire mesh basket of the cleaning machine and press the switch. During the cleaning process, the maintenance personnel can do other work.

4. Low cleaning cost

Due to the high reuse rate of cleaning agents and cheap procurement of consumables, the cleaning cost is generally only 1/3 to 1/8 of the traditional cleaning method.