Prospect of charged cleaning technology

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At present, China's energy consumption shows a growing trend. In response to the concept of sustainable development, the state sector has put forward new indicators and requirements, and the energy-saving development of the power industry has provided new development challenges for cleaning technology, and it is also a development opportunity for the cleaning industry. In the insulation care of power equipment, due to the influence of static electricity, dust, moisture, oil and other dirt, the equipment will reduce its insulation performance during operation, resulting in hidden dangers of safe operation often occur.

In large-scale power safety accidents, the insulation performance has a high influence on it, and it is also an important guarantee for the safe operation of power equipment. If the insulation care work is not in place, the external harsh environment will cause a certain degree of constraints. To this end, the charged cleaning technology provides new conditions for its reform, the use of new cleaning agents to quickly achieve power equipment dirt treatment, simple operation procedures and do not have damage to the component defects, after rapid cleaning can eliminate the components of poor sensitivity, poor heat dissipation and other faults, enhance the internal insulation performance of the equipment, to maintain the normal operation of electrical equipment, which is also the key application areas of the current charged cleaning agent technology.