Development history of charged cleaning technology

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Since the development of live cleaning technology in China, it has gone through several different stages. The first stage was from 1986 to 1993. At this stage, colleagues produced many products that represented the highest level at that time. With the support and cooperation of the majority of scientific and technological workers, many enterprises understood and partially used them.charged cleaning agentSeries of products. However, at this stage, as China's state-owned enterprises are in the process of changing the mechanism, at the same time, as a new concept and technology, live cleaning has not been accepted by people, live cleaning is still facing the process of changing an inherent consciousness, and live cleaning products are still on the level of continuous improvement and improvement. Therefore, most of the live cleaning products at this stage are mainly used in the operation of power failure cleaning, it does not really give full play to its advantages, nor does it show the characteristics it has to the market. In spite of this, colleagues have unremittingly spread the seeds of the concept and technology of live cleaning to the north and south of the river, so that a considerable number of technicians have heard, seen and tried live cleaning products. Therefore, whencharged cleaningAt this stage of technology development in China, the price paid by colleagues at that stage is heavy and unforgettable. It is their efforts that have laid the foundation that we can have today. At this stage, except for some sporadic live demonstration, there is no substantial live cleaning project.
The second stage was from January 1994 to 1997. At that time, the hotel shower gel company, with the efforts of its peers, carried out large-scale live cleaning of the program-controlled switch for the first time. Today, I still admire its determination to be the first in the world. The Shenzhen-University Telephone Company was the only joint venture in the telecommunications industry at the time, and almost all of their equipment was imported. Under the conditions of the time, it was difficult to accept large-scale live cleaning of program-controlled telephone exchanges. From the contact to the formal signing of the contract, the project has carried out more than 50 demonstrations, explanations, coordination, and its spirit is valuable, which still makes us awe! It is based on this that China's live cleaning technology has been applied to equipment maintenance in the telecommunications industry on a large scale for the first time, opening the most difficult first page of large-scale live cleaning precision electronic instruments. This valuable spirit of perseverance has always inspired us to overcome difficulties, to work hard and to work hard. At this stage, live cleaning and maintenance equipment has been started in the telecommunications industry. For example, Shenzhen University Company, Chongqing Telecom, Zigong Telecom, Beijing Telecom and other telecommunications departments have begun to accept live cleaning technology, but it is still recommended on a small scale. The cleaning volume of fixed phones in this stage of hotel shampoo is about 500,000 households.
The third stage should be from 1998 to 2002. Our counterparts in the live cleaning industry have accumulated a lot of experience that can be improved and used for reference. These experiences have also been guiding our on-site work. At this stage, the inherent quality, scientific and technological content and environmental protection characteristics of the products have laid a solid foundation for the construction of a new industry in China. And then triggered a series of how to ensure the safety of live cleaning in the scientific sense, how to ensure more scientific operation at the cleaning site, how to use data to control the whole process of live cleaning technology for hotel body lotion, etc.charged cleaningDifficult problems of technology.