Technical Requirements for Charged Cleaning Agents

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1、charged cleaning agentThe safety performance

A. No flash point, not detected below 60 ℃

B, combustion: not burning
C, temperature change during cleaning: no condensation phenomenon produces d, ice crystal effect during cleaning: no

2. Electrical properties of charged cleaning agent

A. compressive strength: 25KV ~ 35KVB, insulation resistance: 1x1013C, dynamic insulation value: insulation value should be above 1 megohm for continuous spraying of equipment for 5 seconds

3. Corrosion Performance PDF

A, no rust on all metals

B, no abnormal changes in plastics

C, residue: 0.00000D, PH value: neutral

4. Cleaning ability The institute has good cleaning ability for polar and non-polar substances of famous species. KB value> 685 Yao environmental protection products must also have the following environmental protection performance institute
A. Designated by the United Nations Environment Programme on ozone-depleting substances: none

B, cleaning agent in the atmosphere of life:<10 years
C, ozone depletion potential (ODP)≤ 0.03D, global warming potential (GWP)≤ 0.1