Analysis of the Technical Level of Chemical Cleaning Agents

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Chemical cleaning agent refers to the use of chemical methods and chemical agents to achieve the purpose of cleaning equipment.

Chemical cleaning agent is a new technology, which plays an important role in industrial life. It is directly or indirectly in contact with corrosive chemicals, and some are flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful chemicals. It has the characteristics of diverse processes, high technical content, and complex operations. In foreign countries such as the United States, Japan, Singapore, Western Europe and other industrial developed countries, the development of industrial cleaning industry earlier, there is a high degree of specialization of chemical cleaning system.

1. Cycle cleaning Cycle cleaning is the use of two original parallel ash discharge pipeline loop, and cleaning pump station to form a circulation system, adding a certain concentration of pickling fluid, in the gray water pipeline circulation cleaning, and in the acidity down to a certain extent, constantly add acid. For a short distance of a single gray water pipeline, if conditions permit, a temporary pipeline can be laid to form a circulation loop for cleaning. The process needs to be carried out in a shutdown state, and the process is complicated and the cost is high.
2. Open-circuit cleaning can not have two ash pipes to form a loop, only a single ash pipe open-circuit cleaning. The method is to connect one end of the ash pipe with the cleaning device, continuously prepare a certain concentration of pickling solution in the mixing tank, and inject it into the ash pipe continuously or intermittently. This process needs to increase the cleaning equipment in the shutdown state, and the cost is high.
3. Non-stop chemical cleaning The process is to continuously inject a certain amount of acid under the condition that the ash pipe is normally transported without stopping, and at the same time inject a certain amount of ash pipe operation cleaning corrosion inhibitor and pipeline cleaning stripper to open circuit cleaning. The main function of cleaning additives is to promote the reaction of acid and ash scale in a certain concentration and flow rate of acid, while increasing the solubility of carbon dioxide in water, reducing the generation of air resistance, and ensuring the cleaning quality of the ash tube.
The operation method is as follows: before cleaning, the required acid amount is estimated according to the total scale amount in the pipeline, and then the acid adding rate and the adding flow rate of the corrosion inhibitor and the pipeline stripping agent are calculated according to the flow rate of gray water and acid. During cleaning, the acidity shall be sampled every 30 min at the sampling point at the front end of the ash tube, and the acidity shall be strictly controlled by adjusting the flow rate of acid addition. In the later stage of cleaning, the end of the ash tube is sampled every 15 min to test the pH value. When the pH value reaches a certain value and remains unchanged for 30 min, the end of cleaning can be determined.