Basic principle of charged cleaning

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The principle of charged cleaning agent     

Precision electronic equipment in the long-term continuous operation process, due to a variety of dust floating in the atmosphere, metal salts, oil and other comprehensive pollutants, through physical adsorption, particle gravity sedimentation deposited on the surface of precision electronic equipment, resulting in serious pollution of precision electronic equipment, so that the heat dissipation capacity of precision electronic equipment decreased, affecting its operation quality and reliability. These contaminants also create an additional "microcircuit effect" on the circuitry within the device, resulting in a "slow corrosion" effect that can cause poor contact in precision electronic equipment to varying degrees,

Impedance reduction, leakage, short circuit, error code, bad board, etc. cause line energy loss, transmission signal weakening, transmission rate and quality instability and other soft failure rate increase.
The raw material of the charged cleaning agent is determined according to the nature of the pollutant, because the pollutant is divided into: polar water-soluble residue, non-polar water-soluble residue, non-polar water-soluble residue. The use of polar and non-polar solvents, polar water-soluble, non-polar water-soluble, non-polar water-soluble pollutants can be well dissolved, so that the cleaning to achieve satisfactory results.
When the equipment is polluted and cannot operate normally and cannot be powered off, the application of seat belt electric cleaning can eliminate or weaken static electricity, improve insulation performance, remove harmful substances, effectively improve the contact effect of electrical contacts, avoid failure, and make the equipment in the best operation State to extend the service life of the equipment.