Current Situation and Prospect of Charged Cleaning Technology

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(1) the significance of charged cleaning agent

With the rapid development of economy, a variety of high-tech products more and more into all walks of life, full-time and all-weather automatic control systems and power equipment, they 24 hours of continuous collection, identification, modulation, conversion, transmission and processing of various forms and types of information, around the controlled object service.

Therefore, how to adopt more advanced, scientific and economic means to maintain the equipment has put forward higher and more urgent needs, which also brings a new opportunity to the development of live cleaning technology.
In the long-term continuous operation of the equipment, all kinds of dust, moisture, oil fume, acid gas, salt, metal dust, static electricity and various charged particles are deposited on the surface of the equipment by physical adsorption, causing serious pollution of the equipment, reducing the heat dissipation capacity of the equipment and affecting its operation quality and reliability, these pollutants also form an additional "microcircuit effect" on the circuits in the equipment, resulting in "corrosion mitigation" effect, causing poor contact of the equipment to varying degrees, and reducing impedance. Leakage, short circuit, error code, bad board, etc. cause the increase of soft faults such as line energy loss, signal weakening, misoperation, speed and quality instability, etc. The high-voltage power equipment that works outdoors for a long time is also affected by various climates. Once lightning, frost, snow, rain, and wind cause flashover to the equipment, the loss is unimaginable. Therefore, regular live cleaning and maintenance of long-term continuous operation equipment is conducive to the safe and reliable normal operation of the equipment.
Traditional cleaning is mostly by means of force (such as dishcloth, brush, skin tiger blowing, sometimes using alcohol, acetone and other chemical cleaning agents as auxiliary cleaning), so that dirt moves, and corrosive pollutants and the accumulation of charged particles, salt, oil and so on are easy to remain on the surface of the equipment. Andcharged cleaningThe cleaning agent itself has a strong detergency, decomposition force and the corresponding mechanical force, with the joint action of chemical and physical surrounding, decomposition, stripping of various pollutants, so as to achieve the effect of deep cleaning. Therefore, live cleaning is a more advanced, scientific and economical maintenance method than traditional cleaning,
       charged cleaningThe cleaning materials used have the advantages of high insulation (withstand voltage 220KV), strong detergency, no corrosion, no combustion, no flash point, no pollution to the environment, etc. The application of charged cleaning agent maintenance technology has the following important significance: 1. Remove the "accumulated static electricity" formed on the circuits and related mechanical parts of various power communication equipment, thus
Eliminate the resulting soft failure (unexplained data loss, crash, abnormal operation, etc.);

The root cause of the breakdown of sensitive devices, thereby reducing the failure rate of the equipment, and can slow down the secondary pollution.

2. Eliminate the "microcircuit" formed by comprehensive pollutants on the communication equipment system, restore the normal heat dissipation capacity of the equipment, avoid the "corrosion mitigation" effect of comprehensive pollution on the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.
Improve the electrical insulation value of the equipment, restore the normal surface impedance of the circuit board and components, and form a special protective effect, so that the equipment is in the best operating state.
4, greatly reduce the economic losses caused by power outage maintenance equipment., Increase the economic benefits of enterprises.

5. The maintenance time is saved, the maintenance workload is effectively reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

Effectively improve the contact effect of the electrical contacts, avoid failure, and significantly reduce the resulting hard failure.
7. Saving energy and reducing consumption, protecting the environment, and reducing the contradiction between energy demand and energy shortage. The cleaning agent does not contain chlorofluorocarbons, halons and other substances that mainly consume the ozone layer in the atmosphere. It is an important development direction for my country to save energy and protect the environment.
To sum up, regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment without power outage is an important link to ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition. The development of high-tech products and the cleaning and maintenance process of high-tech technology are used to solve these difficult problems.charged cleaning agentThe historical mission of the industry technology community.