How to choose antirust oil in automobile manufacturing industry?

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beijing car gearbox antirust oil how to choose?
Many netizens in Beijing will ask, automobile transmission antirust oil to choose which is good? Among them, a Beijing user said, in Beijing is really difficult to find the right anti-rust oil, which had to recommend ReiSiBo anti-rust oil, its quality will not let you worry, Beijing a group purchased ReiSiBo chemical RSB-606 water-based anti-rust agent.

The most important anti-rust of the gearbox is the anti-rust of the car's transmission shaft and gears.
Below are real examples of our users.

automobile transmission gear

Axle curve of automobile gearbox

Actual case of gearbox rust prevention
Processing parts name: automobile transmission shaft, gear, etc.
Material: black (carbon steel, alloy steel) metal material.
Applicable industry: industrial cleaning industry.
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
Soaking, brushing, spraying, high-pressure spraying and other technological processes.
Note: The rust and oil stains on the surface of the anti-rust parts should be cleaned, and the original liquid should be added or replaced according to the situation during use.

Automobile transmission anti-rust oil

RuibaoRSB-606 water-based rust inhibitorIt is formulated by high-quality organic rust inhibitor, film forming agent, wetting spreading agent, dispersing moisturizer, PH regulator, deionized water, etc., and is an efficient water-based rust inhibitor. Mainly used for cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, die steel and other materials between the process of anti-rust protection and parts of the short-term anti-rust, anti-rust agent use concentration of different up to a few days to 3 months.

Main performance of anti-rust oil
1. This product can be adsorbed on the metal surface to form a dense protective film, which has a good anti-rust effect on ferrous metals.
2. The product has a certain oil removal performance, can be used for cleaning mild oil.
3. The product anti-rust treatment of the workpiece surface visible residue less.
4. The product is environmentally friendly, weakly alkaline, does not contain harmful substances such as sodium nitrite and heavy metal salts, will not cause damage to the skin, and is safe to use.

Ruisbo automobile gearbox anti-rust oil factory direct sales
When the anti-rust oil user went to Ruisbo official website, he chose the gearbox anti-rust oil from left to right. Finally, he chose to consult Ruisbo's customer service. Only then did he know the price of Ruisbo's anti-rust oil. Through communication with Ruisbo's customer service, we can know that Ruisbo is tailor-made for you just to save money and trouble. Specific usage and formula can consult online customer service, can apply for samples!
24-hour customer service hotline: If you are interested in or have questions about the above anti-rust oil for automobile gearboxes, please click to contact the online customer service on the right side of our website, Ruibao-your considerate purchasing consultant throughout the process.