Where to buy Ruibao cleaning agent in Shaanxi

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Ruibao cleaning agent is selling well in Shaanxi......
Perhaps you will think that it is too far to buy Jiangxi cleaning agent in Shaanxi, and even it is not cost-effective to consider the cost. In fact, our national package is distributed, and the advantage of Ruisibo is a dedicated line, which allows you to get rid of the reason of distance and not choosing Jiangxi Ruisibo. Among them, a Shaanxi machinery factory has already chosen Ruisibo twice in a row, and this purchase of Ruibao's automobile air conditioning compressor cylinder block cleaning agent.RSB-108 aluminum cleaning agent

Shaanxi customer automobile air conditioning compressor cylinder actual case
Processing parts name: automobile air conditioning compressor cylinder block
Material: aluminum
Applicable industry: auto parts
The customer's current cleaning equipment, process and process: RSB-108 with large ultrasonic rough washing-cleaning-rinsing-adding RSB-308 aluminum rust inhibitor rinsing-drying.
Note: the RSB-108 is heated to 55 degrees, the concentration is 8%, and 1% is added at ordinary times.