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Where to buy battery case cleaner?
Perhaps, you still always choose to find an industrial cleaning agent manufacturer online. Among them, a person in charge of an enterprise in Bozhou, Anhui Province chose the battery shell cleaning agent-RSB-102E precision metal cleaning agent. There are many kinds of cleaning agents on the market, but there are few cleaning agents that can really suit you. Among them, Ruisibo cleaning agent, price, quality, Ruisibo will have professional people to give you analysis.

ruibao battery shell cleaning agent good in where?
Let me show you the real cases of our customers.
The battery shell needs to be cleaned before assembly, because the battery shell brings some stamping oil, dust and other dirt in the stamping deformation process, so it needs to be cleaned before assembly.
Jiangxi RuisiboRSB-102E precision metal cleaning agentThis product is a clean cleaning specifically for the battery shell. The product uses imported high-quality anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, solubilizers and deionized water preparation, a large number of applications in precision hardware, battery shell, mobile phone shell and other industries, the hardware surface adhesion of strong heavy oil (stretch oil, anti-rust oil, lubricating oil, etc.) can be thoroughly emulsified in a short time, stripping. After cleaning, the surface of the workpiece is fresh, clean and free of residue, and a layer of protective film is generated to effectively prevent the erosion of harmful substances in the atmosphere. The PH value is weakly alkaline, and it does not contain controlled substances such as heavy metals, phosphorus, nitrite, etc. It has no corrosion on the surface of the workpiece. It has passed the SGS environmental protection test and conforms to the EU ROHS standard.

RSB-102E precision metal cleaning agent
The product features: light yellow to dark yellow transparent liquid, no irritating odor; strong penetration, oil dissolution, stripping speed, especially suitable for large quantities of workpiece cleaning; after cleaning the bottom of the oil, longer service life; completely replace the solvent products, economic, environmental protection; wide applicability of the workpiece material, completely biodegradable. The use of ultrasonic cleaning, the use of temperature at 55~65 DEG C, with a solution concentration of 5%, ultrasonic cleaning 3~6min.