Train air conditioning cleaning agent which brand is good?

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Resbo specially customized for youTrain air conditioning cleaning agent
Perhaps, you still always choose to find it online.Air conditioning fin cleaning agent manufacturers, among which Ruibao's air conditioner fin cleaner-Efficient cleaning agent for GRB-802 train air conditioningThere are many kinds of air conditioning cleaning agents on the market, but there are few cleaning agents that can be customized for you. At present, there are many kinds of cleaning agents used in air conditioners. Judging from the use effect, there are the following deficiencies: containing organic solvents such as gasoline and kerosene, which not only consume energy, but also are flammable and explosive, endangering human health and polluting the environment; The decontamination rate is low, especially for slow and incomplete removal of oil stains and rust stains, and has no sterilization and rust prevention effect. In addition, some train air conditioning units still use high temperature alkali cleaning, the energy consumption is large, the pollution is serious, the corrosion is strong, and the service life is reduced. Therefore, water-based cleaning agents based on various surfactants are more and more widely used because of their lower use cost and good cleaning effect.water-based cleaning agentWith water as the solvent, surfactant as the main component, and then add other auxiliaries, its advantages are to replace organic solvents with water, reduce energy consumption, do not endanger human health, reduce environmental pollution, reduce costs and use safety hazards, etc., in recent years, in our country has been rapid development.
Among them, the GRB-802 of train air conditioning efficient cleaning agent, through the study and comparison of various surfactants in addition to oil decontamination performance, water as a solvent, adding environmentally friendly composite surfactants, auxiliaries, etc.

The field application test proves that the cleaning agent can quickly remove the dirt on the air conditioner chip and has anti-rust function when used at room temperature. Low cost, simple operation, stable product performance, and its quality indicators can meet user requirements. It is the best assistant for your air conditioning fin cleaning agent!