The new national standard for industrial cleaning industry was introduced, how should enterprises ride the wind and waves?

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The new national standard GB 38508-2020 for industrial cleaning industry has been promulgated.

Green environmental protection is undoubtedly the standard of the new national standard

The majority of enterprises in the industrial cleaning products change

How to successfully enter the "back wave" leading the industry trend "?

GB 38508-2020 "Limits of Volatile Organic Compounds in Cleaning Agents" is the newly promulgated "New National Standard for Cleaning Agents" and will be implemented on December 1, 2020. What are the highlights of this blockbuster document? Have you noticed those hidden eggs?

1. This standard specifies the product classification of cleaning agents, the limit requirements of volatile organic compounds (VOC), inspection methods and packaging marks.

2. This standard applies to cleaning agents containing volatile organic compounds produced and used in industrial production and service activities.

In industrial production, cleaning agents have become an important class of chemicals. With the new national standard, we have felt the green industry spirit. It is not difficult to see the restrictions on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the document, but it may be easy to ignore the invisible signal-chlorinated solvents will face more severe challenges.


As can be seen from the table, the new national standard clearly stipulates the limits of the sum of dichloromethane, chloroform, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene and other substances in three different cleaning agents. This means that once the new national standard comes into effect, cleaning agents that exceed the prescribed limit must be stopped, which requires enterprises to replace them with cleaning agents that meet the new national standard before December 1 this year.

In fact, the strict standards of the new national standard are not unreasonable. Take tetrachloroethylene, for example, which is a carcinogen recognized by the World Health Organization and is a major culprit of occupational diseases among workers. If not handled properly, tetrachloroethylene can be toxic to aquatic organisms and has been listed by the state in the List of Toxic and Harmful Water Pollutants (First Batch) and the List of Toxic and Harmful Atmospheric Pollutants (2018).

For many manufacturers who are accustomed to using chlorinated organic solvents, the introduction of the new national standard will have a great impact on them, because they need to reformulate cleaning agents that meet the new national standard. So is there a product that can not only retain the excellent performance of organic cleaning solvents without changing the usage habits, but also meet the strict standards of the new national standard?

There must be! Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is your peace of mind choice. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is not only easy to prepare, and because it does not contain water, there is no need to worry about the occurrence of metal rust.

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