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Where to buy industrial heavy oil cleaning agent? Preferred Resbo
There are more and more manufacturers of heavy oil stain cleaning agents, but they often do not know which cleaning agent to choose. Among them, some cleaning agent users said that the industrial heavy oil stain cleaning agent of Ruisibo is still good, and it is an environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning agent manufacturer. Here we come to understand the next Ruibao cleaning agent!
Resbo cleaning agent factory direct sales
Ruisbo is a domestic manufacturer of medium and high-end cleaning agents. The main cleaning agents produced are divided into four series: industrial precision cleaning agents, rail transit cleaning agents, new energy maintenance cleaning agents, military maintenance cleaning agents, and there is always a cleaning agent that is suitable for you.

Here to introduce the industrial heavy oil cleaning agent classification:
RB-80 carbon cleaning agent
Dedicated to the cleaning of mechanical equipment and parts of carbon deposits, sintered mechanical grease, and heavy oil dirt cleaning. It is widely used to remove carbon deposits, heavy oil and sinter-hardened dirt on the body, valves, pistons, nozzles, valves and other parts of gasoline engines, diesel engines, aircraft engines, diesel locomotives, air compressors and fuel equipment.

       Oil stain cleaning agent on RSB-811 surface
Is a CFC-free solvent-based surface degreasing cleaning agent. The product has a high oil stain dissolving capacity and can be used as a substitute for 1.1.1-trichloroethane. Products on the human body, no harm to the environment. It can be used for clearing marks in the maintenance of train vehicles. It is also used for degreasing of metal surfaces or cleaning of machine parts.

     GQ-600 strong safety oil cleaning agent
This product contains strong penetrating emulsifier and special rust inhibitor, can replace the petroleum solvent, thoroughly remove the grease and dirt on the surface of machinery and equipment, buildings, etc., can clean all kinds of processing machinery, transformers, power distribution cabinets, terrazzo floor surface oil. In particular, the yellow robe on the mechanical equipment has an excellent cleaning effect.

     GRB-807 train oil strong cleaning agent
It is mainly formulated by high-quality surfactants, organic alkalis, penetration diffusion agents, corrosion inhibitors, high-efficiency emulsifying additives and deionized water. It is used for water-based degreasing cleaning of small mechanical components, fan accessories, connecting rods and springs of motor cars, subway (including light rail) trains and ordinary speed trains.
       GRB-811 Train Mechanical Oil Stain Cleaning Agent
The use of imported surface activator, high-efficiency penetrant, solubilizer and other compounds with excellent surface oil solubility, with carbon dioxide propellant, environmental protection, safety and efficiency. It is used for rapid cleaning of metal powder particles generated by oil stains, rust stains and friction of various mechanical parts in high-speed rail, high-speed motor car, subway (light rail) magnetic levitation, general-speed train maintenance and large frame repair and medium repair.
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