Where is the car oil pipe cleaning agent manufacturer?

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Where is the car oil pipe cleaning agent manufacturer?
Many automobile manufacturers need to clean automobile oil pipes, but they can't find a suitable cleaning agent manufacturer, so how can you find a cleaning agent manufacturer on the Internet and come to Ruibao's cleaning agent manufacturer. If you don't believe you can go to Ruisibo's factory for on-site inspection, you will know how strong Ruisibo is.
Cleaning automobile oil pipe to choose RSB-102D precision metal cleaning agent, does not contain heavy metals, improve working conditions, the most important not to damage the oil pipe material, neutral cleaning agent.
How to clean the car oil pipe? Please see below to share
Processing part name: automobile oil pipe
Material: stainless steel
Applicable industry: automobile manufacturing industry
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
1 heating to 60-80 degrees immersion and intermittent shaking cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning.
2. High pressure water rinse, rinse.
3. Sponge ball flush pipe inner wall.

RSB-102D precision metal cleaning agentIt is mainly formulated by imported high-quality surfactants, strong emulsifiers, penetrants, solubilizers and deionized water. Does not contain heavy metals, nitrite and other controlled substances, biodegradable, improve working conditions, prevent environmental pollution.

Features: product neutral, especially suitable for heavy oil, sludge cleaning, do not hurt the material, safety, environmental protection;
Has a strong penetration, dispersion, solubilization, emulsification;
Fast dissolution, low foam, anti-static, easy to rinse.