Where to buy industrial cleaning agents in Chengdu, Sichuan

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chengdu industrial cleaning agent wholesale where to go?
In Sichuan, where can I buy environmentally friendly cleaning agents? And industrial cleaning agent manufacturers that can save me money, of which a company in Sichuan bought from Resbo.RSB-102E precision metal cleaning agent. To this end, some people said that if you want to buy cleaning agents, you should find Ruibao.

Buy environmentally friendly cleaning agent and find Ruibao
Today, Ruisibo has become one of the suppliers of domestic industrial cleaning agents. Among them, Ruisibo's metal cleaning agents are mainly aimed at cleaning agents made of stainless steel and white copper. Our Ruibao has patented formula of cleaning agents and production equipment. Technology and service are 24-hour service. If you don't buy it, you may not have it. If you just have a crush on this cleaning agent and think Ruibao cleaning agent manufacturer is good, come to our cleaning agent wholesale.

Take a look at the cleaning process of Ruibao's cleaning agent
Mobile phone, computer built-in spare parts cleaning agent process
Processing Part Name: Stainless Steel Shielding
Material: stainless steel, white copper
Applicable industries: mobile phones, computer spare parts
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
Seven-tank ultrasonic (5% concentration):5% aqueous solution 75-degree ultrasonic cleaning (intermittent shaking) for 9-12 minutes, adding 4L of cleaning agent every day, changing tanks once a week)-rinsing-rinsing-air cutting-drying.
Note: the cleaning water needs to use pure water, and rinse with pure water multi-tank.
RSB-102E precision metal cleaning agent is mainly prepared by imported high-quality surfactants, strong emulsifiers, penetrants, and is equipped with the company's independent research and development of patented technology chelating agents and metal surface protective agents and deionized water. Its unique ultra-clean precision cleaning effect is better than the traditional cleaning products, can adapt to different types of precision parts of the precision cleaning to achieve clean, bright and no trace effect.
RSB-102E precision metal cleaning agent features:
1. With excellent precision cleaning performance, rinsing performance, no residue, no ash point, to achieve a smooth surface without marks.
2. It has good cleaning ability for grease and dirt, and its degreasing and decontamination cleaning ability is super strong, and it has corrosion inhibition effect on metal.
3. Good water solubility, fast dissolution, low foam, antistatic, cleaning at the same time can effectively protect the surface of the material being cleaned from erosion.
4. Weakly alkaline products, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
5. The use of safe, simple, convenient transportation, storage.