Choose industrial cleaning agent manufacturers should pay attention to what?

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Industrial cleaning agent wholesale which is good
Many customers are looking for a cleaning agent manufacturer that can meet the requirements of stainless steel, aluminum and ordinary steel at the same time, but it is often difficult to find such a cleaning agent brand, because steel and aluminum are made of different materials, and usually the cleaning agent is of different types, but this cleaning agent of Risibo can clean steel and aluminum at the same time, so let's get to know the cleaning agent quickly!
First look at the cleaning effect of this cleaning agent
Processing parts name: air conditioner, bogie
Material: stainless steel, aluminum, ordinary steel
Applicable industries: subway, tram, high-speed rail, general speed and other urban rail transit vehicles
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
Manual high-pressure spraying (high-pressure water gun or high-pressure spraying machine)
Note: can not clean indoor other aluminum profiles
Look at what kind of cleaning agent is.
Strong cleaning brightener for RSB-306A aluminumIt is made of a variety of high-quality surfactants, aluminum special protective agents, brighteners, metal balancing agents, deionized water, etc. It is an environmentally friendly product for degreasing and removing aluminum surface oxides on the surface of aluminum. It also has a bright effect, making the metal surface bright, not easy to pollute, and the color of the metal surface is not easy to change. Products on the human body, no harm to the environment.
Products can effectively remove aluminum and its alloy surface oxides and mildew, while removing surface oil, so that the aluminum surface smooth as new. The operation process is simple, low foam, easy to rinse, no residue, more advanced than traditional alkali etching and three acid polishing.
Why do many customers choose Ruibao cleaning agent so decisively, because Ruisibo cleaning agent has always been a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, friendly to emissions, and is a cleaning agent manufacturer worthy of your trust!