Chengdu where there is charged cleaning agent manufacturers?

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Where is the hair in ChengduCharged cleaning agent manufacturers?
Recently, a person in charge of a power plant in Chengdu was looking for hair on the Internet.Charged cleaning agent manufacturersAs someone else, I have to recommend Risbo to him. If the generator cleaning agent can carry electricity, it is best to clean it. Risbo's cleaning agent just solves this problem. This live cleaning agent is resistant to 30KV, so if you don't know which brand of live cleaning agent to choose, if you don't mind, choose Risbo Chemical. ruisbo is a professional engaged in cleaning agent wholesale factory, specializing in the production, sales of 22 years of cleaning agent brand!
charged cleaning agentHere's the thing!
This product is a non-irritating odor, non-toxic to the human body of a new generation of solvent-based non-ODS charged cleaning agent, with low surface tension, low viscosity and other characteristics, can effectively clean a variety of materials of electrical equipment, unique natural drying, is very suitable for thermal power, water and electricity maintenance site cleaning and a variety of non-cleaning equipment cleaning.
charged cleaning agentCustomer cleaning case
Processing Part Name: Generator
Material: rotor, rubber insulation, steel
Applicable industries: water conservancy, wind power generator factory
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
General generator sets are after years or even decades of operation of the old aging back to the factory to renovate, the oil inside is very heavy. The cleaning method is to use the spray gun directly to decompose the oil stain and wipe it clean with a rag.
Note: Do not touch the skin with bare hands for a long time when cleaning, and keep the working environment well ventilated.
charged cleaning agentKey features:
Strong cleaning ability, can quickly penetrate, dissolve and peel off oil stains, and the cleaning effect is good.
Performance indicators are better than ordinary DQ-25 cleaning agents.
It can completely volatilize, leaving no residue and no condensation after volatilization.
Safe to use, safe and harmless to metal and most coatings, insulating coatings, rubber and plastics.
Using this product, the performance of a series of electrical equipment such as motors, stators, rotors, and substation equipment can be safely protected during cleaning, so that they will not be damaged.