Common cleaning methods for oil stains on metal surfaces

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   Oil cleaning on metal surfaceIt has always been a big problem in factory operation. Many factories have interrupted production operations due to improper maintenance of metal equipment, affecting corporate performance and profits. A large part of the reason is that enterprises do not understand the maintenance of metal equipment, do not know how to carry out the correct cleaning and maintenance. So,Oil cleaning on metal surfacewhat are the methods?

Common cleaning methods for oil stains on metal surfaces
soaking cleaning method
1. Fast speed, can quickly dissolve two types of grease, does not corrode the workpiece, and the oil removal is not complete; the solvent is toxic, flammable, and costly.
2. The acid-base chemical medium used has low cost and simple equipment, but the soaking time is long and the efficiency is low.

steam cleaning method
1. The principle is the same as the soaking method, but due to the high temperature and the effect of air flow, the oil dissolution rate can be improved, the work efficiency can be improved, and the equipment is complicated.
2, can add the right amount of chemical medium, such as alkali. Due to the high temperature and air flow, the oil removal speed is faster than the general soaking method. The equipment is complex and the cost is high.
electrochemical cleaning method
1, the oil removal speed is fast, the effect is good, and can remove other attachments attached to the metal surface at the same time. DC power supply is required, which is easy to permeate hydrogen, and it is difficult to remove the oil in the slit.
2, no hydrogen seepage, but the surface of the workpiece may cause corrosion.
3, than the use of cathode or anode alone, degreasing effect is good.

ultrasonic cleaning method
Due to the addition of ultrasonic waves, the solvent has a shock, which accelerates the dissolution or separation from the surface. The oil removal efficiency is high, and the quality is better than the simple solvent and chemical oil removal method, but the cost is high.
The addition of ultrasonic waves in the immersion method or electrochemical degreasing device
It is suitable for workpieces with great difficulty in oil removal, especially for parts with complex shapes.

surfactant degreasing method
Room temperature operation saves energy and has a good degreasing effect, but some surfactants are more expensive and degreasing costs are higher. There are many types of surfactants with different properties.
Use a variety of degreasing cleaners such as detergents, detergents and liquid soaps
Suitable for all kinds of workpiece degreasing, the key is to choose the type of surfactant.