Charged cleaning agent should be how to choose?

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The Importance of Charged Cleaning Agents
Electricity is indispensable for any enterprise to carry out normal production. Therefore, the normal operation of various types of electrical equipment will be directly related to the production and safety can be guaranteed.
The busbars, terminals, switches, transformers, knife switches, contactors, relays, contacts, engines, motors, power distribution cabinets and other surfaces of power equipment deposit filth, which reduces insulation and increases leakage current, resulting in short circuit, Arc, poor heat dissipation and other accidents. Seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment, shorten the working time and service life, increase operating costs and cause personal safety problems, seriously affecting economic benefits.

Use of charged cleaning agent
Electrical equipment cleaning agent can quickly remove all kinds of electrical equipment on the oil, dust, carbon powder, moisture, salt and other dirt. To improve the working efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, it is used for manufacturing enterprises and industrial and mining enterprises to clean and maintain special materials for electrical equipment of motors, power distribution switch cabinets, electromagnetic valve doors, air switches, electrical cabinet equipment, automatic switches, electric welding machines, various equipment in power distribution rooms, cleaning agents for mechanical equipment, precision parts and precision instruments and equipment, etc.

The electrified cleaner of Resbo is like this
RuibaoDQ-50 environmental protection cleaning agent for electrical equipmentIt is a new generation of solvent-based non-ODS charged cleaning agent without stimulating odor and non-toxic to human body. It has the characteristics of low surface tension and low viscosity. Excellent permeability, can effectively clean various materials of electrical equipment, unique natural drying, is very suitable for thermal power, water and electricity maintenance on-site cleaning. Suitable for motor, generator, stator, rotor, terminal block, substation equipment, power distribution room equipment, large electromagnetic valve, automatic control switch, welding machine and all kinds of electrical equipment cleaning.

Charged cleaning agent features:
1. Strong cleaning ability, can quickly penetrate, dissolve and peel off oil stains, and the cleaning effect is good.
2. The performance index is better than that of ordinary DQ-25 cleaning agent.
3. It can be completely volatile, leaving no residue and no condensation after volatilization.
4. The use of safety, metal and most of the coating, insulation cover and resistant rubber, plastic are safe and harmless.
5. The use of this product can safely protect the performance of a series of electrical equipment such as motors, stators, rotors, and substation equipment during cleaning, so that they will not be damaged.