What is spray cleaning? How to choose spray cleaning agent?

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What is spray cleaning?
Spray cleaning started late in the cleaning industry and has developed rapidly in recent years. It has been applied to petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, transportation, civil and other fields. From the comprehensive consideration of energy conservation, environmental protection and economic benefits, spray cleaning has broad prospects for development.
What is suitable for spray cleaning?
Some equipment is often due to air (especially humid air), oil, dust and other corrosion and produce a large area of rust and a certain degree of scale, resulting in raw materials and products unqualified, causing economic losses to enterprises. For the cleaning of this kind of equipment, spray cleaning is adopted, which has the characteristics of simple cleaning equipment, small investment, low cleaning fluid consumption, high economy and simple operation, and has achieved quite good results, which is worth promoting.

The principle of spray cleaning
Spray cleaning is actually a kind of chemical circulation cleaning, the principle is to evenly spray the chemical cleaning liquid on the top of the surface of the equipment, under the action of gravity, the cleaning liquid along the tank wall down to the bottom, so that the inner surface of the rust, dirt full contact, chemical and electrochemical reaction or dissolved off, so that the dirt can be removed. During the cleaning process, the storage tank, the liquid distribution tank, and the circulating pump spray distributor are connected into a cleaning system to control a small amount of cleaning liquid, which is circulated and discharged under the action of the pump. Strictly monitor the concentration of cleaning fluid and iron ions to promote the smooth progress of cleaning work.
Spray cleaning agent-RSB-105 low foam alkaline cleaning agent
It is used for cleaning ferrous metal parts in mechanical processing and machinery manufacturing industries, such as cutting fluid dirt of automobile and transportation machinery parts, oil stain of maintenance bearings, heavy oil stain of mechanical parts, dirt cleaning of stainless steel stamping parts, crystal grinding paste, ductile iron ash and other oil sludge, hand sweat, inorganic salt, dust and other dirt stripping and cleaning.

Product Performance

1. It can meet the requirements of low bubble or even no bubble cleaning, especially suitable for mechanical automatic medium and high pressure spray cleaning, also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, high temperature boiling and washing.
2. It has strong cleaning ability, strong ability to separate oil stains and fast speed. It has high cleaning ability for all kinds of grease dirt. Especially suitable for heavy oil, sludge, ductile iron ash stripping cleaning.
3. No corrosion to the workpiece to be cleaned, suitable for cleaning of carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other ferrous metal materials.
4. No burning, no smell, rapid and thorough biodegradation, no pollution to the environment.
5. The product is environmentally friendly, does not contain nitrite, chromate and other ingredients, does not contain heavy metals, the use of safe and reliable.
6. Medium and high pressure spray cleaning machine ideal matching cleaning agent products.