How to choose a cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning copper?

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Good quality depends on sales volume
For most buyers: there are a variety of options for purchasing copper cleaning agents. How to identify which copper cleaning agent is the best quality? There is a very important reference standard is this copper cleaning agent sales proved. As we all know, excellent salesmen speak by performance. In the same way, excellent copper cleaning agents rely on sales volume. RSB-107 copper cleaning agent is the first copper cleaning agent in 2016. Let's see what's different!

Copper Cleaning Agent Suitable for Ultrasonic
Copper is a relatively active metal, our common hardware, most of the material is also made of brass, copper and other copper and copper alloy materials processing. When the copper surface has different stains, oil stains, oxide layer, etc., usually need to be cleaned to keep it beautiful, but in order to clean the surface and maintain the original color of copper, it is necessary to have a professional cleaning agent to solve.

RuibaoRSB-107 copper cleaning agentIt is composed of high-quality composite surfactants, dispersing, penetrating agents, corrosion inhibitors, special effects cleaning additives, deionized water, etc. Mainly used for brass, copper, bronze and other copper and its alloy processing surface cutting fluid, rust oil, stamping oil, dust, hand sweat, organic pollutants and other dirt cleaning.

RSB-107 copper cleaning agentFeatures:
1. Decontamination and degreasing are fast, and they have good cleaning ability for grease and dirt.
2. No corrosion to copper and its alloys.
3. Weak alkaline, low foam, easy to rinse.
4. The product is environmentally friendly, does not contain nitrite, chromate and other ingredients, does not contain heavy metals, the use of safe and reliable.

RSB-107 copper cleaning agentMethod of use:
1. Cleaning method: ultrasonic, spraying, soaking (additional bubbling, rolling or shaking), manual scrubbing and other methods can be used for cleaning.
2. Cleaning concentration: with 5 ~ 10% cleaning agent aqueous solution.
3. Cleaning temperature: generally in the 50~80 ℃ temperature cleaning, the effect is better.
4. Cleaning time: 5~10 minutes.
5. After cleaning, rinse with water and then blow dry, dry, and reasonable packaging and storage.