Teach you how to choose anti-rust oil?

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How to choose the right anti-rust oil
The variety of anti-rust oil is more complicated, and its selection principle is three:
1. According to metal varieties, different anti-rust oils have different anti-rust effects on different metal materials. Some have good anti-rust effects on ferrous metals, but the effect on copper is general. These are often in the product description of anti-rust oil. It will be explained, and attention should be paid to selection.
2. According to the structure and size of metal products, solvent dilution type or grease type can be used for those with simple structure and large surface area, while oil type with complex structure and hole or inner cavity is better, because the antirust film can be removed when unsealing.
3. According to the environment and use of metal products, it is necessary to distinguish between short-term process rust prevention and long-term rust prevention with short-term lubrication, long-term storage and rust prevention in humid environment, or possible storage in coastal warehouses or even sea transportation for a certain period of time, so it has better anti-salt spray performance. The selection should be targeted in this regard.
Of course, the first choice of reliable quality anti-rust oil.

Characteristics of Rust-proof Oil of Resbo
Ruibao RSB-601 long-term anti-rust oil is based on low viscosity light lubricating oil, adding a variety of anti-rust agent, high-quality dilution solvent, antioxidant additives and other refined, in line with the Japanese JISK2246-80-NP8 standards and U.S. military MILG3503-63 standards, safety, environmental protection, no irritation to the skin. Used for all kinds of carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel and other ferrous metal box non-ferrous metal long-term storage anti-rust. The anti-rust period varies due to differences in environment, humidity, and corrosive components. Under storage conditions, the anti-rust period of metal products can reach 1-2 years.
1. It has excellent resistance to heat and salt spray, and has excellent lubrication performance; after the solvent volatilizes, it leaves a very thin layer of oily anti-rust film on the metal surface.
2. The oil film formed has strong adhesion and will not harden, peel and crack; it can prevent or slow down the penetration of water vapor and oxygen in the atmosphere and the production of corrosive micro-batteries, and play a better role in rust prevention and protection.