Metal wax good way! Many manufacturers are using it!

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After the metal workpiece is polished by the polishing wax, the dirt on the surface is mainly composed of paraffin wax, fatty acid, rosin soap, metal oxide, abrasive, mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, natural wax and some abrasive cloth fragments, polished metal matrix powder and its oxide. On the polished workpiece, the wax scale will adhere to the workpiece by mechanical adsorption, intermolecular adsorption and electrostatic adsorption. These wax scales are difficult to remove when the particle diameter is less than 0.1 μm.
At present, the methods of metal wax removal mainly include the following categories: organic solvent method, chemical method, electrochemical method and water-based wax removal water cleaning method. Organic solvent trichloroethylene cleaning agent because of its good degreasing and dewaxing ability and widely used in electroplating, watches, jewelry and handicrafts and other hardware industry workpiece polishing wax removal process, with its cause to the environment and human health hazards were found and more and more by many regional environmental health organizations and enterprises banned.

Water-based wax removal water using trichloroethylene is more economical, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. As a commonly used cleaning product, it is widely used in the wax removal process after polishing workpieces in the metal industry such as electroplating, watches, ornaments and handicrafts. It is a reasonable compound of various surfactants, additives, corrosion inhibitors, cosolvents and other ingredients; by reducing surface tension, improving wetting and penetration performance and emulsifying, dissolving, dispersing and solubilizing performance, thereby enhancing the penetration of the product and Solubility, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid removal of wax scale.

Ruibao RSB-304 strong wax removal cleaning agent is made of a variety of imported high-quality active wax solution, cleaning additives, corrosion inhibitors and deionized water. Mainly used for electroplating, clocks, mobile phones, musical instruments, handicrafts, jewelry and other hardware industry after polishing the workpiece wax cleaning.

Key features:

It is a water-soluble product with good emulsification performance, fast wax dissolution speed, good water washing, no corrosion of wax removal workpiece material, low use cost, but the cleaning process is relatively complex, and it needs to be cleaned at a higher temperature.