Electrical equipment maintenance cleaning can be live cleaning

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What is charged cleaning
Charged cleaning refers to the application of special cleaning agent, in the normal operation of a variety of precision electronic equipment, electrical machinery equipment, such as direct spray cleaning, rapid removal of various reasons for adhering to the internal and surface of these equipment comprehensive pollution (such as dust, smoke, moisture, salt, accumulated static electricity and various charged particles, etc.), to eliminate the "soft fault" caused by comprehensive pollution ", improve the safety and reliability of the operation of these equipment, restore them to the best working condition, and extend the service life of the equipment. The raw materials of the charged cleaning agent are determined according to the nature of the pollutant, because the pollutant is divided into: polar water-soluble Residue, non-polar water-soluble residue, non-polar water-soluble residue. The use of polar and non-polar solvents, polar water-soluble, non-polar water-soluble, non-polar water-soluble pollutants can be well dissolved, so that the cleaning to achieve satisfactory results.
A generator set is a power generation device that converts mechanical energy or other renewable energy into electrical energy. Generally, our common generator sets are usually driven by steam turbines, water turbines or internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, diesel engines and other engines). In recent years, the renewable new energy sources include nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, ocean energy, etc.

Power plant generator set maintenance such as car maintenance, driving to a certain time or a certain number of kilometers to carry out major maintenance or minor maintenance. The same is true for generator sets. After running for a certain period of time or a certain amount of power generation, major or minor repairs will be carried out. Impurities such as water and dust in the air will make the motor environment more complicated. The electromagnetic effects generated around will affect its service life. Low power generation efficiency or failure or even safety accidents. In the entire generator set most often need to clean the parts is the stator and rotor, bearings, substation equipment, will be residual dust, oil and so on. This puts high demands on the cleaning products, which must be environmentally friendly, insulated, non-corrosive to the components of the generator set, and volatilized quickly.

The stator and rotor of the generator set lifted during maintenance can be used in our company's 《DQ-50 environmental protection cleaning agent for electrical equipment"Use spray gun for high-pressure spray cleaning.