The importance of precision electronic equipment cleaning

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With the rapid development of mechanical automation, industrial production efficiency gradually improved, a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment into the production line, the weather of the automatic control system and power equipment, they 24 hours of continuous collection, identification, modulation, conversion, transmission and processing of various forms and types of information, around the controlled object service.   

Due to the rapid development of electronic production technology, precision electronics has been widely used in various fields of the national economy: computer, program-controlled equipment, numerical control equipment, communication facilities, electronic control equipment, sensing equipment, low-voltage control screen and so on. Precision electronic equipment has become ubiquitous in our life and work.   

Many core components in precision electronic instruments are composed of integrated circuit blocks and circuit boards. These circuit boards are covered with various pins, solder joints and dense circuits. During the long-term continuous operation of electronic equipment, various dust, Moisture, oil fume, acid gas, salt, metal dust, static electricity and various charged particles are deposited on the surface of the equipment through physical adsorption, causing serious pollution of the equipment, the heat dissipation capacity of the equipment is reduced, which affects its operation quality and reliability. These pollutants also form additional "microcircuit effect" on the circuits in the equipment, resulting in "corrosion mitigation" effect, causing poor contact of the equipment to varying degrees, and reducing impedance. Leakage, short circuit, error code, bad board, etc. cause the increase of soft faults such as line energy loss, signal weakening, misoperation, speed and quality instability, etc, seriously affect its service life and increase the cost of use.
In order to solve this problem, Risibo specially introduced a RSB-205 of electronic circuit board cleaning agents, RSB-809 electronic instrument cleaning agents, GQ-100 mechanical parts cleaning agents and DE-35A precision electronic instrument cleaning agents for cleaning cutting oil and drawing oil. Recently, Risibo went to Kunshan Electronics Factory for field demonstration and successfully used ultrasonic cleaning agents to remove drawing oil and cutting oil on circuit boards and stainless steel (mobile phone back cover).