The most effective way to clean the oil stain of mechanical parts

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The development of industrial modernization makes people rely more and more on mechanical parts and equipment in the process of industrial production, and long-term use will inevitably make the parts stained with oil and stains. In order to enable the equipment to maintain efficient operation efficiency and ensure the processing technology of mechanical parts, equipment cleaning and maintenance has become a very important work. So how can cleaning be efficient, safe, economical and convenient? Next, Ruibao Cleaning Agent Xiaobian will recommend the following solutions for you:

Before cleaning the parts, the surface can be scrubbed with hot water to enhance the molecular movement and facilitate the subsequent decontamination. Then choose the appropriate cleaning agent according to the specific situation. If there are more oil stains and the structure of parts is relatively simple, solvent-based metal cleaning agents can be used for cleaning. According to the principle of "same-sex compatibility", grease and oil stains will be differentiated and dissolved well, and scrubbing and dipping can be used. If the structure of the parts is more complicated, the oil stains in the seams of the parts are more, and it is not easy to clean manually, water-based ultrasonic cleaning agent is needed to clean with ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the parts and equipment are immersed in the machine tank and rely on the high frequency vibration of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that there is no dead angle to clean the oil stains and grease stains in the seams and holes of the parts.

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