The use method and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning agent

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The ultrasonic cleaner is a water polyol-based mixture of high-quality anionic and nonionic surfactants precisely synthesized to produce a near-neutral concentrate. It is made of special formula, highly efficient and has super cleaning, purifying oil and dust characteristics. The solvent can be reused many times, not right. At the same time, it has excellent cleaning effect and strong penetration, and can thoroughly clean the oil stains of various parts. With a unique chemical action to destroy the molecular structure of all kinds of lubricating grease, so as to achieve the purpose of removing heavy grease quickly and thoroughly.
The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning agent cleaning:
1. Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces
2. Fast cleaning speed, improve production efficiency
3. Through the mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the deep hole, the slit and the hidden part of the workpiece can be cleaned
4. No damage to the surface of the workpiece
5. Mechanized cleaning, greatly reducing labor costs, while improving efficiency.
Ultrasonic cleaning agent cleaning method
1. Dilution ratio: detergent: water = 1:5-20, adjusted according to the degree of pollution of the cleaned material.
2. Cleaning process: cleaning agent: water = 1:5-20 dilute (use ultrasonic machine to heat up to about 60 ℃ and then clean for 3-5 minutes) → rinse with clear water to clean → dry and dry. (cleaning pollution degree of serious need to increase the temperature and extend the cleaning time).
After years of research and development, there are many cleaning agents suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Welcome to the sample!