Effect of Environmentally Friendly Hydrocarbon Cleaning Agent on Industrial Cleaning

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   hydrocarbon cleaning agentAs industrial consumables, along with the development of China's industrial manufacturing industry, the market size is also growing, more and moreCleaning agent manufacturersStart getting involved. Resbo generatedIndustrial cleaning agentIn line with the national environmental protection emission standards, for many years depending on product quality as the lifeblood. to developEnvironmental cleaning agentDo it for yourself!
Ten years ago, the vast majority of hydrocarbon cleaning agents on the market were mainly trichloroethylene and trichloroethane. Because the three-filter ethylene is cheap and has strong ability to dissolve metal surface grease, it has been widely used. However, trichloroethylene has serious harm to the environment, causing great pollution to the air, water environment and water sources, especially to the ozone layer. In the Montreal Protocol, it is one of the fluorine chlorides that are explicitly banned. Although some manufacturers have begun to transform to environmentally friendly cleaning agents, due to the huge market demand, trichloroethylene products are difficult to eliminate.
On January 1, 2015, the "new environmental protection law" was implemented. The state has carried out strict control on industrial emissions. ODS solvents such as trichloroethylene and trichloroethane have been controlled. Those manufacturers mainly producing such solvents have gradually disappeared. The government has adjusted many regulations on industrial production, which makes enterprises have to find other suppliers, and the pace of environmental cleaning agents to the market has begun to accelerate.
However, the price of environmentally friendly cleaning agents is generally high, and some brands are even 3 to 4 times higher than trichloroethylene. Such high prices have stopped many purchasers. But we think carefully, this is really like this? As we all know, trichloroethylene belongs to dangerous chemicals, very unstable. Both transportation and storage require professional transport vehicles and storage warehouses, which are quite troublesome to manage and increase many invisible costs. Therefore, on the whole, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents will not increase the economic burden on enterprises, but can also protect the ecological environment and promote the healthy development of the industry. It is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the ecological environment.
On the road of China's industrial manufacturing reform, environmentally friendly cleaning agents will gradually embark on the mainstream, and Ruisibo is willing to contribute to the sustainable development of China's industry.