Four Kinds of Cleaning Equipment for Oil Stain of Mechanical Parts

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1. Ultrasonic cleaning.
The prepared oil cleaning agent for parts is put into the water tank of the ultrasonic machine, and the purpose of removing oil is achieved after the ultrasonic machine is heated and oscillated.

2. Scrub
Use cotton yarn or brush dipped in cleaning agent after cleaning. Easy to operate, low equipment requirements, but the cleaning efficiency is relatively low, suitable for cleaning small batch of small parts


3. Vibration cleaning
Place the parts on the cleaning basket or cleaning rack of the vibration cleaning machine, and immerse them in the configured cleaning agent. The vibration generated by the cleaning machine simulates the artificial rinsing action and the chemical action of the cleaning agent to remove oil stains.


4. Spray washing
Use a spray gun to spray the configured cleaning agent on the surface of the component for cleaning. Suitable for cleaning the shape is not too complex, the surface has serious grease parts.