What is ultrasonic cleaning? How to choose ultrasonic cleaning agent

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In recent years, in the cleaning agent industry, ultrasonic cleaning technology has been extremely widely used. At present, its application scope includes machinery, electronics, materials, chemical industry and other fields. Now, ultrasonic cleaning technology is still developing, and on this basis, a new industry has been formed.
According to the requirements of the cleaning object and the production scale, the composition and structure of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment are also very different. It can be a complex and huge equipment or a very simple structure. There is no doubt that understanding the principles, methods and techniques of ultrasonic cleaning is very useful for people to select appropriate ultrasonic cleaning agents and technologies, research and develop novel ultrasonic cleaning technologies and devices, and find suitable cleaning agents to obtain the best cleaning effect.
The main mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is to remove dirt by using the energy released when the holes generated by ultrasonic waves in the medium fluid are broken. In fact, the object to be cleaned is immersed in the cleaning tank containing the ultrasonic cleaning liquid, and the strong ultrasonic wave is introduced into the cleaning liquid, and the ultrasonic energy is used to realize the cleaning, which is the ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is the most effective way to remove foreign matter and dirt on the surface of objects.


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Ultrasonic cleaning and has certain advantages:
1. High cleaning quality and better effect;
2. Reduce production costs;
Improving the working conditions of workers;
It has environmental benefits, can avoid serious environmental pollution, maintain the ecological environment, and is an environmentally friendly technology.

To sum up, it can be considered that with the deepening of customer understanding of ultrasonic cleaning methods, and in the use of experience to its high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages to help manufacturers to promote momentum, which helps ultrasonic cleaning This modern industry in the advanced physical cleaning means to obtain a wide range of popularization and application. I believe the prospect of ultrasonic cleaning will be very good!