Aluminum cleaning agent suitable for ultrasonic cleaning

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With the development of aviation, automobile industry and electronics and other machinery manufacturing industry, aluminum alloy metal processing has become very common, but in the manufacturing process of aluminum products, it is inevitable that there will be chip oil, stamping oil residue on the surface, if the surface of aluminum alloy oil removal is not clean, the future processing work is difficult to carry out.

Generally speaking, the surface of aluminum alloy products need to remove pollutants including aluminum alloy parts in the stamping, turning, milling and other processing process contamination of various oil, residual polishing paste, hand imprinting, oil seal, surface wax and so on.

The main methods of cleaning oil on the surface of aluminum alloy are solvent degreasing, chemical degreasing, electrochemical degreasing and so on.
Solvent degreasing is mainly through the use of aluminum alloy cleaning agent to dissolve the dirt on the surface of aluminum alloy, generally based on water-based cleaning agent, the solvent of saponified oil and non-saponified oil has a strong dissolving effect, and can remove the residual polishing paste on the surface of the workpiece.
UseCleaning agent for aluminumThe main methods of cleaning are scrubbing, dipping, spraying, ultrasonic cleaning and so on. Among them, the ultrasonic cleaning method has the characteristics of high efficiency and high cleaning rate, which is suitable for mass cleaning, especially for workpieces with complex shapes, fine holes and blind holes. It is a very practical cleaning method for aluminum alloy workpieces. RSB-108 is

Aluminum cleaning agent suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.