Why metal cleaning agent can replace gasoline cleaning

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traditionalIndustrial cleaning agentMainly use kerosene, gasoline and caustic soda for cleaning. However, gas kerosene is one of the country's scarce energy sources, and gas kerosene is flammable and explosive, which may cause safety accidents if you are not careful. Special dangerous goods warehouses are also required for storage, soCleaning agentIt is imperative to replace oil with agent. From the actual effect of use, Resbo.metal cleaning agentHas the following characteristics:
(1) It can be used with ultrasonic cleaning machine for mass cleaning, which greatly improves the cleaning speed and quality.
(2) metal cleaning agent will not pollute the environment, and safe and reliable, no flash point, eliminate the safety hazard.
(3) After the metal cleaner is used, it only needs to remove the sediment on the surface of the liquid, and it can continue to be used, and its utilization rate is much higher than that of gasoline. The cleaning rate is also above 95%, which is very close to gas kerosene, and the surface dryness is also lower than that of gasoline cleaning parts. Therefore, when cleaning parts and components, metal cleaning agents can completely replace gasoline.


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