List of major industrial cleaning equipment, did you use it correctly?

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NowIndustrial CleaningEquipment is mainly ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is characterized by the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, acceleration effect and direct flow effect on the liquid and dirt direct and indirect effect, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The current use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and straight into the flow of the role of more applications.
Ultra-precision cleaning machine cleaning, including the precision industrial production process of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, such as ultra-precision cleaning, to remove very small dirt particles for the purpose.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the different cleaning methods, can also be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning: the use of mechanical, acoustic, optical, electrical, thermal principles, relying on the role of external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic, negative pressure, high pressure.) hit. Ultraviolet, steam and other methods to remove dirt on the surface of objects are called physical cleaning; relying on the role of chemical reactions, the use of chemicals or other solvents to remove dirt on the surface of objects is called chemical cleaning. Such as the use of a variety of inorganic or organic acids to remove the surface of the object of rust, scale, with an oxidizing agent to remove the surface of the object of color, with fungicides. Disinfectants kill microorganisms and remove mildew spots, etc. Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning have their own advantages and disadvantages, but also have a good complementarity. In the practical application process, the two are usually combined to obtain a better cleaning effect.
According to the different cleaning media, ultrasonic cleaning machine can be divided into wet cleaning and dry cleaning: generally in the liquid medium cleaning is called wet cleaning, in the gas medium cleaning is called dry cleaning. Most of the traditional cleaning methods are wet cleaning, and people are easier to understand the dry cleaning is the vacuum cleaner. But in recent years, dry cleaning has developed rapidly. Such as laser cleaning. UV cleaning, plasma cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc., at high. The field of fine, sharp industrial technology has developed rapidly.
Another consideration for ultrasonic cleaning is the design of the upper and lower materials of the cleaning pieces or the tooling on which the cleaning pieces are placed. When the cleaning piece is in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, neither the cleaning piece nor the cleaning piece basket shall touch the bottom of the tank. The total cross-sectional area of the cleaning piece should not exceed 70% of the cross-sectional area of the ultrasonic tank. Rubber and non-rigid plastics will absorb ultrasonic energy, so caution should be used when using such information for tooling. Insulated cleaning parts should also attract special attention. Improper design of the tooling basket, or the workpiece is too heavy, even if the best ultrasonic cleaning system efficiency will be greatly reduced. Hooks, racks, and beakers can be used to support the washware.