GQ-600 safety oil cleaning agent, user real feedback case

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Take a look at the real cases of the industrial cleaning agents of our Ruibao cleaning agents used in actual scenes. The customer's evaluation is the biggest motivation for us. The following is our Ruibao brandHeavy oil cleaning agent-GQ600 safe oil cleaning agentUse real feedback!

1. For washing machinery, the oil on the machinery is very heavy, clean and pure. Some customers have to go to the factory to inspect and clean all the equipment and the ground. Thank you for the discount. If necessary, they will come again in the future. The logistics arrived in time. Thank you for cooperating with us to deliver the goods in the morning.

2. The oil on the floor of the auto repair shop has not been washed for 2 years. This thing is very strong. It will be washed clean in one go. The workers said that it will be washed once a month in the future. It will be relatively clean. The sludge on the equipment will be removed easily, without damaging the paint surface. It is unexpectedly strong and very good. It will also send me so many things, gloves watering can and so on. I am really satisfied.

3. What a big pot! It can be used for a while. Good quality and low price, as well as gloves and scouring pad, thank you, not too pungent smell, completely acceptable. Very good, fast delivery, logistics to force. Come back when you run out!

4. The oil removal is really strong. The stubborn oil stains are clean. The dirty ones are sprayed. The packaging is firm when they are clean. The delivery speed is fast and the goods are delivered to the door.

5. The oil removal effect of this product is very good. The owner's service is very good. He actively replied to my various questions and also reminded me of those matters that I should pay attention to when using it. The delivery speed is fast. I will continue to buy it next time. The effect is very good. Share my experience. Use hot water 80 degrees for especially heavy oil stains and 1-3 times for water. I bought 10 barrels this time and will buy them later. I hope there will be a discount.

Before cleaning

After cleaning

6. For construction machinery cleaning, the effect bar, spray a little evenly, put it for a minute or so, wash it and it will fall off. The wash is the same as the new one.

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