Heavy oil can't be cleaned off, why not try this!

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TodayRuibao Cleaning AgentXiao Bian has sorted out some customers for use.Heavyoil stain cleaning agentFeedback, don't be unable to remove the headache for the mechanical oil pollution, Resbo.GQ-600Safe oil stain cleaning agentThe natural enemy of mechanical oil! Our purpose of Jiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., Ltd. is to solve all cleaning problems for customers! ChinaIndustrial cleaning agentNavigator!

1.The oil stain cleaning of the lower rail of the machine tool shield is very satisfactory, with no corrosion and no influence on the gloss. I plan to buy more barrels and clean the whole machine tool again.



Before cleaning 


  After cleaning



2.Road surface oil cleaning, light oil simple treatment is clean, heavy oil is more stubborn, the effect is still there, the price is also appropriate, later will consider large quantities of purchase


3.The oil is very heavy, spray it on, and it will be wiped off after a few minutes. The effect is really good. The oil in some places will be directly changed. The especially heavy parts need to be treated several times.




4.The vat is convenient to use. I tried it specially and the effect is quite good, so the cost is low.




5.It is quite serious that the workshop does not clean up the oil pollution for a long time, especially the floor, which is a little slippery when walking on it. It has strong oil removal ability and does not hurt the floor.



6.I bought paint-free and oil-free ones, which are very easy to use and have good effects,5Oil stains that have not been washed in years can be wiped off after a while.



Before cleaning



7.This decontamination effect is very good. Good quality Wumart, is definitely factory direct sales of goods, the effect is obvious, in the circle of friends in the sun, give me several pictures to buy the address, save!




There is no oil stain that cannot be removed, but you have not found the right product-heavy oil stain cleaning agent. Please find the customer service of Ruibao cleaning agent to order it quickly.!