What is used to clean the circuit board? It is recommended to use the circuit board cleaning agent

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1, clean the circuit board with circuit board cleaning agent

Washing water iscircuit board cleaning agentThe abbreviation refers to the chemical industrial cleaning agent used to clean the residual flux and rosin on the surface of PCB circuit board after welding.

2. Hydrocarbon solvent circuit board cleaning agent

With the widespread use of hydrocarbon cleaning agents, hydrocarbon solvents are also used for cleaning PCB circuit boards. Hydrocarbon solvent board washing water has quick-drying type and slow-drying type. The quick-drying cleaning effect is generally better. Hydrocarbon solvent board washing water is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, has low odor and can be distilled and recycled. It is mostly used for cleaning high-end precision PCB circuit boards.

3. Water-based circuit board cleaning agent

Because water-based cleaning agent has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, non-toxic and non-irritating gas volatilization, the author found that water-based plate washing water has also been released on the market recently. However, because circuit boards have metal component pins, if water-based plate washing water does not have antirust function, it should be used with caution, because water-based cleaning agent is easy to accelerate corrosion and rust of pins.

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