Ruibao cleaning agent where to sell?

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Recommend a good website to everyone,Ruibao Cleaning Agent. I heard that a science and technology company in Hunan purchased it not long ago.Ruibao Cleaning AgentRSB-105 low-foaming alkaline metal cleanerWhen it comesRuibaoThe official website, as a tourist's idea, is that this is a magical website, which led me into a physical store and showed me a complete set of cleaning agent products, including mobile phone spare parts cleaning agent, mobile phone cover cleaning agent, mobile phonecircuit board cleaning agentAs well as mobile phone glass screen cleaning agent; It showed me different levels of industrial cleaning agents in Jiangxi, which surprised me and made me have to recommend them.Ruibao cleaning agent official website.Where does the circuit board cleaning agent sell?




Ruibao Cleaning AgentHow good is it?
According to the official website of Ruibao, we can see all kindsCleaning agentWe can also see the 20 years of research and development of cleaning agents by Ruibao, in which there are various cases, if you really want to knowRuibao Cleaning AgentFactory direct sales, may wish to consultRuibao Cleaning AgentThe official website of the beauty customer service, beauty customer service waiting for your consultation.

The product that conquers the customer turns out to be like this!
Ruibao RSB-105 low-foam alkaline metal cleaning agent is one of the mobile phone cleaning agent series developed by Ruibao. The mobile phone accessory cleaning agent is mainly composed of low-foam surfactant, organic alkali, osmotic diffusion agent, oil special effect stripper, corrosion inhibitor, high-quality special effect cleaning agent, deionized water, etc. It is mainly used for cleaning ferrous metal parts in mechanical processing and machinery manufacturing industries, such as cutting fluid dirt of automobile and transportation machinery parts, oil stain of maintenance bearings, heavy oil stain of mechanical parts, dirt cleaning of stainless steel stamping parts, peeling and cleaning of ductile iron ash and other oil sludge, release agent, dust and other dirt.

The advantages of mobile phone accessories cleaning agent
1. It can meet the requirements of low bubble or even no bubble cleaning, especially suitable for mechanical automatic medium and high pressure spray cleaning, also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, high temperature boiling and washing.
2. The product is strong alkaline, with strong ability to clean oil, fast. Especially suitable for heavy oil, sludge, ductile iron ash stripping cleaning.
3. No corrosion to the workpiece to be cleaned, suitable for cleaning of carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other ferrous metal materials.
4. The product is environmentally friendly, does not contain nitrite, chromate and other ingredients, does not contain heavy metals, the use of safe and reliable.
5. It is an ideal matching cleaning agent product for medium and high pressure spray cleaning machine.
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