Where does the circuit board cleaning agent sell?

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 PCBcircuit board cleaning agent

In China's electronics industry, the vast majority of enterprises are using PCB circuit boards, the general usecircuit board cleaning agentThe flux used for PCB component welding is divided into three categories: water soluble type, rosin type and no-cleaning type. The first two types are mostly used. Ultrasonic cleaning is mostly used (many of them are scrubbed with alcohol). No-cleaning type should not be cleaned in principle, and many domestic manufacturers do not know whether to use it.circuit board cleaning agent. However, at present, most manufacturers in the world still need to clean even if they use no-cleaning flux to solder electronic components. In particular, high-density PCB and high-density IC feet, if not cleaned or not used ultrasonic cleaning, will lead to high-density lines and between the IC feet between the adsorption of dust, once the environmental humidity is high, prone to high-density lines and feet between the short circuit and fault, and once the environment is dry, the short circuit fault and disappear, this kind of fault is not easy to find. Therefore, electronic factories all over the world insist on ultrasonic cleaning of PCB boards. In China, the military electronics factory has begun to promote, and began to use.circuit board cleaning agentThis results in the double benefit of improving product reliability and reducing after-sales service costs. In fact, many manufacturers do not knowWhat cleaning agent is used for circuit boardWhat?circuit board cleaning agentWhere to sell?




Jiangxi Ruisibo New Material Co., Ltd.Ruibao Cleaning AgentIt actually includes.circuit board cleaning agentThe main industrial precision cleaning agent, rail transit cleaning agent and maintenance cleaning agent. Among themcircuit board cleaning agentIt belongs to the maintenance series.


Ruibao brandcircuit board cleaning agentUse

Used for cleaning the surface of electronic circuit boards and electronic components, such as flux, rosin, ion contaminants, hand sweat, fingerprints, etc.


Ruibao Brandcircuit board cleaning agentThe main performance

1. Strong detergency, fast speed, easy to remove the surface of the circuit board flux and other dirt;
2. Low odor, long service life, low consumption, no environmentally controlled substances;
3. Product environmental protection, safety and economy.


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