Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agent-the best choice to replace ODS solvents

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As people's awareness of environmental protection began to increase and the "New Environmental Protection Law" officially began to be implemented, more and more people began to use hydrocarbon cleaning agents. However, there are still some people who think that there is no difference between hydrocarbon cleaning agent and traditional kerosene and trichloroethylene cleaning, and it will also have side effects on the human body. Some people even think that this is just a new "money fraud" product launched by the manufacturer. So what is hydrocarbon, why would someone advocate the use of hydrocarbon cleaning agent?
In fact, hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a kind of residual solvent obtained by distillation of crude oil, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, industrial gasoline and so on. As the name implies, hydrocarbon cleaning agent is actually mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen these two elements of the compound.
At present, people often use, such as washing powder, cleaning spirit, soap and hydrocarbon cleaning agents have similarities. All contain stearic acid components, in a broad sense, it is also a hydrocarbon cleaning agent, but these products are more or less containing aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene rings and other substances, which are harmful to the human body and the natural environment.
Once a large number of cleaning agents used in the industry: CFC-113 (Freon) and 1.1.1-trichloroethane (ethane) have been completely banned from production, import and use. At present, chlorine-containing cleaning agents (trichloroethylene, trichloroethane, dichloromethane, etc.) are still in use, while chlorine-containing substances and others will produce side effects. With the introduction of the "New Environmental Protection Law", the use of chlorine-containing cleaning agents is very strict, and ISO4000 standards have strict restrictions on chlorine-containing cleaning agents. In order to obtain ISO4000 certificates, some enterprises have begun to use environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agents.
Attached: hydrocarbon cleaning agent characteristics
1, incineration products are mainly CO2, and there is a small amount of CO.
2, no pollution to the air environment
3. Halogen-free, n-hexane, aromatic hydrocarbons
4. Odor bottom
5, relative trichloroethylene, dichloromethane and other cleaning agents, more secure, does not affect the health of the operator
Due to the destruction of trichloroethylene, trichloroethane and other traditional organic cleaning agents to the atmospheric ozone layer, it has been gradually banned, but it is necessary to find alternative solvents for cleaning. Under such a background, Ruisibo Chemical has launched an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agent.
   hydrocarbon cleaning agentBecause of its environmental protection and stronger cleaning ability than trichloroethylene and trichloroethane, it is used for industrial metal surface cleaning. Resbo hydrocarbon cleaning agent overcomes the harm of traditional ODS solvent to the environment, the solvent can be used many times, the wastewater can be automatically degraded, no special sewage pipe is needed, it is completely volatile and has no residue. It meets the standards of the National Environmental Protection Agency and does not contain any prohibited substances (ODS) under the Montreal Convention. Mainly suitable for metal surface, parts, PCB motherboard and electronic and electrical equipment on the oil, grease cleaning.
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