[metal cleaning agent] the main cleaning process in metal processing

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Metal cleaning agent is widely used for cleaning high precision stainless steel, copper and other metal parts on the surface of the stamping oil, dirt and so on. And mechanical parts of the surface oil cleaning. Metal cleaning agent in the mechanical processing of the intermediate process, finishing and assembly process of cleaning, mainly using spray and shaking two kinds of cleaning methods. Spray cleaning also uses two kinds of water-soluble detergent and solvent.

1. Metal cleaning agent mechanical processing intermediate process cleaning process
The conventional cleaning procedure when using water-soluble detergent, one is spray cleaning (alkali degreasing)-spray cleaning (water washing)-spray cleaning (anti-rust agent) blast-drying; The other is shaking immersion cleaning (alkali degreasing, anti-rust agent) blast and drying.
The cleaning procedures when using organic solvents are mainly immersion shaking cleaning-spray cleaning-blast; ultrasonic cleaning-steam cleaning.

2. Cleaning procedures in the finishing process of metal cleaning agents
Long materials such as plates, wires and chains are sprayed with organic solvents or alkaline detergents. Cleaning after assembly is generally solvent cleaning. The purpose of pretreatment cleaning before electroplating is to obtain a good coating on the metal surface.

The cleaning in the heat treatment operation is mainly to clean the cleaning parts with a large amount of quenching oil, and usually goes through the following procedures; Machined parts-solvent spray cleaning-quenching furnace-alkali degreasing or solvent degreasing-hot water washing-blast-tempering furnace. The cleaning of hot and cold rolled steel plates is generally carried out by adding a small amount of surfactant to the monomer of inorganic metal salt for electrolytic cleaning.

Pretreatment cleaning before painting or bonding, metal cleaning agent is usually used by dipping method or spray method. The procedure is: Degreasing-water washing (derusting)-post-treatment-water washing. Phosphoric acid is generally used for pickling castings. How to clean the oil stain on the surface of the metal cleaning agent can be understood[metal cleaning agent] water-based metal cleaning agent present situation and development trend