[metal cleaning agent] water-based metal cleaning agent present situation and development trend

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   Metal CleaningIt is an indispensable process link in the process of processing, assembly, storage and maintenance of metal parts. Widely used in the past metal cleaning agent for a variety of solvents, alkaline or acidic water-based cleaning agent, at home and abroad issued a lot of regulations, limiting the use of most of the solvent, so in the futuremetal cleaning agentThe development direction should be water-based cleaning agent.

1. Present Situation of Water-based Metal Cleaning Agent
In China, the traditional cleaning process still uses gasoline, kerosene and other mixed hydrocarbons. In the 1960 s, a water-based cleaning agent with strong alkaline substances (such as NaOH, Na2CO3, Na2SiO3, Na3PO4) as the main component was developed. In the 1970 s and 1980 s, water-based cleaning agents with surfactants as the main component were developed, and surfactant monomers with good cleaning effects such as 6501 and 6503 appeared. After the 1980 s, through the continuous efforts of scientific researchers, through the compounding of various surfactants and the use of the synergistic effect between various components, the cleaning ability of metal cleaning agents has been greatly improved, and its technology has achieved Great development, manufacturers of cleaning agents have been established in most provinces and cities across the country, the product output has been greatly improved, the quality has been gradually improved, and new and efficient cleaning agents suitable for different purposes have been continuously introduced, at present, the domestic research and production is more common or by the surfactant and additives compound water-based metal cleaning agent.
Development Trend of 2. Metal Cleaning Agent
Petroleum solvents as metal cleaning agents will be phased out, efficient, environmentally friendly halogenated hydrocarbon solvents in the future will become the first choice for solvent-based metal cleaning agents. In terms of water-based cleaning agents, they are developing in the direction of normal temperature type and special type. For example, special cleaning agents suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, shot blasting cleaning and high-pressure water flow cleaning are gradually receiving attention. At the same time, the increasingly prominent environmental pollution problems, making solvent-based cleaning agents and water-based phosphorus-containing cleaning agents will be phased out, new non-toxic phosphorus-free, efficient, rust-proof and other multi-functional environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents will become the cleaning industry vigorously Research direction.
At the same time, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of solvent-based and water-based cleaning agents, that is, water-based metal cleaning agents are difficult to effectively remove heavy dirt on the metal surface at room temperature, and solvent-based cleaning agents have the characteristics of rapid removal of oil stains and good low-temperature washing effect. Many foreign manufacturers are developing water-in-oil emulsion cleaning agents, which will make metal cleaning agents develop to a higher stage.
3. Cleaning Mechanism of Water-based Metal Cleaning Agent
The cleaning process of metal cleaning agent is the use of surfactants to reduce the surface tension of the liquid, resulting in directional adsorption, wetting, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and other comprehensive effects, and then with the help of heating, brushing, spraying, vibration or ultrasonic cleaning The way makes the oil from the surface of the workpiece as soon as possible, dispersed into the cleaning fluid, to eliminate dirt.
4. water-based metal cleaning agent to meet the requirements

1. It has good wetting, solubilization and emulsification surface activity, and has strong oil removal ability. There is no visible oil film or oil spot on the surface of the workpiece after cleaning.
2. No corrosion to metal materials, and the surface of the workpiece still maintains the original metallic luster of the metal after cleaning.
3. It has good process performance, such as simple operation, low operating temperature, easy to wash clean, no pollution to the environment or convenient treatment of three wastes.
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