How to choose a metal cleaner? Correct use of metal cleaners

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metal cleaning agent choose which is good?
In recent years, with the rapid development of high-tech industrial manufacturing industry, the related industrial cleaning agent market has also ushered in a larger market development space. More and more companies are choosing environmentally friendly metal cleaners for metal equipment maintenance, so what should be noticed when choosing metal cleaners?
Selection of metal cleaning agent note:
1. When choosing water-based cleaning agent or solvent-based cleaning agent, if you want to use ultrasonic cleaning machine, you should choose water-based cleaning agent. If you want the solvent to volatilize quickly and have anti-rust function after cleaning for a period of time, you need to choose solvent-based cleaning agent.
Because the production cost of water-based cleaning agent is low, and it can be diluted with water, it is generally used to cooperate with ultrasonic cleaning machine. However, the water-based cleaning agent does not have the maintenance and anti-rust function. For those metal equipment with high operating environment requirements, it is still recommended to use solvent-based cleaning agent. Blue fly solvent-based metal cleaning agent has the anti-rust function of one to two weeks after use.
3. Before selecting the cleaning agent, the actual production process and various factors such as the use cost must be considered clearly before making the choice.
4. If the equipment on the foam and maintenance requirements are not too high, you can boldly use water-based metal cleaning agent cleaning. If there is no professional equipment, then the use of low foam solvent cleaning agent for spray scrub.
Metal cleaning agent use note:
1. Pay attention to the dilution concentration of the cleaning agent. The dilution concentration of the cleaning agent has a great relationship with the cleaning effect, sometimes more than 2 times the dilution, will lead to a huge difference in the effect. Generally speaking, with the increase of dilution concentration, the decontamination ability will be enhanced, but after reaching a certain dilution concentration, the decontamination ability will no longer be significantly improved. The dilution concentration should be controlled at 1:5-1:10, remember not to use the stock solution cleaning, otherwise the cleaning agent will remain on the cleaning material, and it is difficult to clean.
2, master the temperature of the cleaning agent. Generally speaking, because the higher the temperature, the faster the movement rate of the polymer, the higher the temperature of the cleaning agent, the stronger the cleaning effect. But each kind of cleaning agent has its own best cleaning temperature, so it is not the higher the better. Especially non-ionic cleaning agent, if the heating is too high, the cleaning agent will appear turbid phenomenon, the solubility of the cleaning agent in water decreased, some components due to thermal decomposition and loss of action, decontamination ability but reduced. Therefore, the temperature of the non-ionic cleaning agent should be controlled below the cloud point.
3. Control the use time and amount of cleaning agent. A diluted good cleaning agent can be used many times, the cleaning time mainly depends on the amount of cleaning material, material and the degree of oil pollution. In general, a prepared cleaning agent can be used for one to two weeks.
4, according to the different types of cleaning for the correct cleaning. The dirt on the parts of machinery and equipment varies greatly,
There are oil, cement, carbon, rust and so on. Rust spots and scale can be cleaned with descaling and rust remover; oil stains on metal parts can be cleaned with mechanical and electrical equipment cleaning agent.
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