Cleaning agent manufacturers teach you how to use metal cleaning agent

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InIndustrial cleaning agentIn the market,metal cleaning agentAs a solvent for cleaning metal parts and equipment, and because of environmental protection and harmlessness, it can successfully replace gasoline and kerosene, accounting for the majority of the market share, almost every machinery manufacturing plant will use it.metal cleaning agentThe equipment is maintained, but the cleaning effect does not reach the ideal state due to careless use, which wastes the solution and increases the cleaning cost. So, what is the correct use of metal cleaning agent? What should I pay attention to when using it?
What is the correct use of 1. metal cleaning agent?
1. Water-based cleaning agent cleaning method
(1) spray: according to the degree of oil pollution with water 1:1-10 use, if the oil, grease heavy metal cleaning agent can be directly sprayed on the surface of the stain, wait a moment, then scrub cloth.
(2) Dip washing: When cleaning equipment with large structure, the metal oil stain cleaning agent can be put into the water tank for manual cleaning.
(3) cycle cleaning: the oil pipeline, sealed container cleaning, can cycle cleaning, make full use of cleaning agent
(4) ultrasonic cleaning: when cleaning equipment with complex structure and small volume, it can be cleaned with ultrasonic machine, which can easily remove the oil and grease in the equipment, and the cleaning effect is better.
2. Cleaning method of solvent-based cleaning agent
(1) According to the actual situation, it can be cleaned by brushing, spraying and soaking.
(2) Ultrasonic vibration cleaning after soaking (pay attention to controlling the cleaning temperature), the cleaning efficiency will be higher.
What should I pay attention to when using 2. metal cleaning agent?
1. The use of different types of cleaning agents is different
Different products are used in different ways. When using, you must follow the product instructions or let the manufacturer provide MSDS. In general, metal cleaning agents are divided into two categories: water-based and solvent-based. Solvent-based cleaning agents are usually composed of hydrocarbon solvents and cannot be diluted with water. The water-based cleaning agent is with foam, if it is not diluted with water in a certain proportion and used directly, it will produce a large amount of foam. In addition, the concentration of water-based cleaning agent is relatively high, if used directly, it will give people a very "oil" feeling, and it is not good for the surface of the equipment.
Note: solvent-based use of stock solution, water-based need to be diluted (1:5-10).
2. The cleaning temperature of different types of cleaning agents is different
Solvent-based cleaning agent because it is mainly composed of hydrocarbon solvents, with a flash point, can not be heated cleaning, so only at room temperature cleaning. The water-based cleaning agent can be combined with the ultrasonic cleaning agent for heating and cleaning, and the solution temperature is generally controlled at about 55°C.
Note: solvent type at room temperature cleaning, water-based type can be heated cleaning.
3, not just scrub
Many people think that the cleaning solvent directly spray scrub on the line, in fact, there are many ways to use metal cleaning agent, cleaning to make a judgment according to the actual situation. For example, for the surface of thick dirt, carbon parts first scrape, wipe, and then put in the cleaning tank soak for a period of time after heating cleaning, to ensure the removal of stubborn grease. When cleaning, the precision parts should be cleaned first, and then the common equipment parts should be cleaned to ensure that the precision parts can work normally. When cleaning the pipeline, the pressure gun or other spraying tools should be used to pressurize and flush the pipeline. Wait for a period of time, then use the cleaning agent to clean, after cleaning should also test the PH value, if it is acidic instructions have not been cleaned, should continue to clean.
Precautions for metal cleaner: The way of cleaning is changed according to the different cleaning objects.