[zhejiang] pcb circuit board cleaning agent cleaning technology

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Everyone should be very familiar with pcb circuit boards, but many people do not pay attention to circuit board cleaning technology. Cleaning pcb circuit boards first needs to choose the right one.Industrial cleaning agentWhich one to choose.Industrial cleaning agentMany PCB companies are choosing.circuit board cleaning agentWhen choosing Resbo's industrial cleaning agent, let's introduce it to you.circuit board cleaning agentCleaning technology.

1. Cleaning technology
Circuit board cleaning is mainly the use of the solvent to remove pollutants. The use of solvent cleaning, because of its volatile fast, strong solubility, so the circuit board requirements are simple. According to the choice of cleaning agent, can be divided into flammable cleaning agent and non flammable cleaning agent.
2. No cleaning technology
In the welding process, no-cleaning flux or no-cleaning solder paste is used. After welding, it is directly entered into the next process without cleaning. No-cleaning technology is currently the most used alternative technology, especially for circuit board products. At present, many kinds of no-wash flux have been developed at home and abroad.
3. Cleaning technology
Cleaning technology is the development direction of cleaning technology in the future, and pure water source and discharge water treatment workshop must be set up. It uses water as a cleaning medium, and adds surfactants, additives, corrosion inhibitors, chelating agents, etc. to form a series of water-based cleaning agents. Water solvents (the flux is water soluble) and non-polar contaminants can be removed.
The above is the technology of circuit board cleaning technology. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the circuit board cleaning agent of Ruisibo Chemical.
RSB-205 electronic circuit board cleaning agentIt is composed of a variety of high-quality low-odor environmentally friendly organic solvents, penetrating dispersants, anti-whitening agents, material corrosion inhibitors, etc.
Rizbo's circuit boardCleaning agentFeatures:
☆ has excellent cleaning ability, can effectively remove the electronic circuit board welding residual flux, rosin and all kinds of dirt.
The product does not whiten after cleaning, the smell is light, no corrosion to the metal components on the circuit board, and does not dissolve or expand the vast majority of plastics.
It is a solvent-based product and will not produce residue on the surface of circuit boards and electronic components after volatilization. ☆ The product is prepared from environmentally friendly raw materials, with low odor, no environmentally controlled substances, safe and environmentally friendly.