Purchasing experience: metal cleaning agent with which is better?

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Guangzhoumetal cleaning agentWhich manufacturer is good
SelectMetal cleaner manufacturersConsidering from many aspects, many Guangzhou metal cleaning agent users do not know how to choose, of which a steel factory in Guangzhou has purchasedResboWhy on earth did he choose Ruisbo's metal cleaner so decisively?

Resbo metal cleaning agent manufacturers doEnvironmental protection industrial cleaning agent20 years.

Now you should know why they chose Ruisebo so decisively. Ruisebo cleaning agent manufacturers have been mainly producing and selling environmentally friendly industrial cleaning agents. As a benchmark in the industry, no matter from websites or products, they have been imitated by other enterprises. If you happen to have a crush on Ruisebo's metal cleaning agents, please contact Ruisebo customer service quickly.
Metal cleaning agent is a large category, including a variety of products. From the category point of view, metal cleaning agents are mainly divided into two categories, one is surface treatment, one is to industrial oil. In the traditional cleaning agent, these two cleaning agents will contain strong acid type substances, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and so on. Through the three acid and other inorganic chemical reagents using its acidic chemical properties of the oil caused by chemical reaction, and chemical reaction with the metal gas, so as to promote the metal surface oil, residual dirt from, but because of the strong corrosion, so only for black metal cleaning. In addition, because it is a hazardous chemical, the state has made special regulations on the transportation and storage of such supplies, which virtually increases the user's use cost.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, suchCleaning agentThe products are becoming less and less popular, but no suitable replacement object has been found. In view of this, Ruisbo has introduced a new type of environmental protection metal cleaning agent, which does not contain prohibited substances and meets the emission requirements of the new environmental protection law. The PH value is neutral and is not corrosive to the metal surface. It is the only choice for cleaning oil stains on the metal surface.