Principle and Classification of Paint Remover

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   paint removerIt is a solvent or paste that can dissolve or swell the coating film. It is mainly composed of solvents with strong dissolving ability and paraffin wax, cellulose, etc. In the shipbuilding industry, the old coating is mainly removed by mechanical methods such as manual shovel, shot blasting, sand blasting, high-pressure water and abrasive jet, etc. However, for aluminum hull, because the mechanical method is easy to scratch aluminum, sandpaper polishing, paint remover and other methods are mainly used to remove the old coating. Compared with sandpaper sanding, the use of paint remover to remove the old coating film has the advantages of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency.

Usepaint removerThe advantages are high efficiency, use at room temperature, low corrosion to metals, simple construction, and no need to increase equipment. Its disadvantage is that some paint strippers are toxic, volatile, flammable, and costly. In recent years, a variety of new paint remover products continue to emerge, water-based paint remover is also produced, paint removal efficiency continues to increase, environmental performance continues to improve, non-toxic, low-toxic, non-combustible products have gradually occupied the mainstream market of paint remover.

Principle of 1. Paint Removal and Classification of Paint Remover

1. Principle of paint remover

Paint remover paint mainly by means of organic solvents in the paint remover can dissolve and swell most of the coating film, in order to achieve the purpose of removing the old coating film on the surface of the substrate. When the paint remover permeates the polymer chain gap of the coating polymer, it causes the polymer to swell, causing the volume of the coating film to increase continuously, and the internal stress generated by the increase in the volume of the coating polymer weakens and finally destroys the adhesion of the coating film to the substrate. The coating film swells from point to piece swelling, wrinkles the coating film, completely destroys the adhesion of the coating film to the substrate, and finally bites and removes the coating film.

2.paint removerClassification

The paint remover is divided into two categories according to the different film-forming substances removed: one is made of organic solvents such as ketones, benzene and esters and paraffin wax, commonly known as white liquid medicine, which is mainly used to remove old coating films such as oil-based, alkyd and nitro-based paint. This kind of paint remover is mainly composed of some volatile organic solvents, there are flammable, toxic and other problems, the price is cheaper.

Another kind is dichloromethane, paraffin and cellulose ether as the main components of the preparation of chlorinated hydrocarbon paint remover, commonly known as water flush type paint remover, mainly used to remove epoxy asphalt, polyurethane, epoxy polyphthalein amine or amino alkyd resin and other curing of the old film. The paint removal efficiency is high, the toxicity is small, and the application is wide. The paint remover with dichloromethane as the main solvent is divided into neutral paint remover (pH = 7±1), alkaline paint remover (pH>7) and acidic paint remover according to the difference of pH value.

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