[metal cleaning agent] select cleaning agent considerations

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   Industrial cleaning agentIn the market is very common, in the use of the process of choice because of its effectiveness is difficult to choose, especiallymetal cleaning agent,Precision metal cleaning agentWhat's the difference with environmentally friendly cleaning agents? Ruisbo will introduce it to you.Industrial cleaning agentTechnical requirements:
First of all. The speed of cleaning dirt is fast and the scale is completely dissolved. The cleaning agent itself has a strong ability to react, disperse or dissolve the dirt, and can remove the dirt more thoroughly in a limited period of time.
Second. The damage to the cleaning object should be within the limits of the production license, and there are corresponding inhibition measures for the corrosion that may be caused by the metal.
Third. The cleaning agents used are cheap and easy to obtain, and are based on localization; the cleaning cost is low and does not cause excessive resource consumption.
Fourth. The cleaning conditions are mild and do not depend on additional strengthening conditions as far as possible, such as temperature, pressure, mechanical energy and so on.
Fifth. Industrial cleaning agents are non-toxic or low toxic to organisms and the environment, and the generated waste gas, waste liquid and waste residue should be able to be processed to meet the requirements of relevant national regulations.
Sixth. Industrial cleaning agents must not be flammable, explosive, or have some potential safety threat to the product or equipment to be cleaned.
Seventh. The cleaning process does not leave insoluble matter on the surface of the cleaning object, does not produce new stains, does not form a new coating layer harmful to the subsequent process, and does not affect the quality of the product.
Eighth. Do not produce foam and odor that affect the cleaning process and on-site hygiene.
Ninth.metal cleaning agentRequirements as far as possible to achieve no phosphorus environmental protection, and reduce the COD value.