Industrial cleaning agent application range

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   Industrial cleaning agentThere are many kinds, mainly cleaning some instruments and equipment in the industry, and the types of instruments and equipment in the industry are also different. Let's explain aboutmetal cleaning agent, leather cleaner, yellow robe cleaner cleaning objects and the scope of application of these Resbo industrial cleaners.
metal cleaning agent
Various condensers, heat exchangers and filters, reverse osmosis equipment, etc. are important equipment widely used in steel, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical, textile and other enterprises. During the operation of the equipment, due to the change of water quality and temperature difference, it is easy to cause the fouling of the inner tube, which greatly reduces the heat exchange and filtration efficiency of the equipment, resulting in shutdown. The traditional method is generally manual cleaning, high-pressure water washing and chemical cleaning, not only the cleaning effect is poor, easy to cause corrosion and damage to the metal tube and screen, shorten the service life of the equipment, speed up the purchase and replacement cycle of the equipment, causing huge economic losses to the user.
At present, a cutting-edge element adopting biological engineering technology is the core of this cleaning technology, especially the technical concept of "full synthesis and full compatibility", which solves the problem that a cleaning agent in the world cannot clean various conventional metal materials at the same time. Its containing wetting agent and penetrating agent can effectively remove scale, calcium oxide, sludge, rust and other deposits generated in water equipment. This cleaning technology can not only clean carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials, but also clean aluminum equipment.
leather cleaning agent
Leather cleaner is a new, low foam, high efficiency, environmentally friendly nonionic surfactant. Good compatibility with various surfactants, additives, additives, solvents, strong alkali resistance (10% sodium hydroxide), anti-oxidation. Has excellent emulsification, dispersion, penetration, alkali resistance; washing, decontamination ability. Especially for synthetic grease, mineral grease, animal grease, vegetable grease and other kinds of dirt has excellent washing effect; Very low foam, belongs to ultra-low foam surfactant, does not use defoaming agent, so there is no silicon spot problem; Does not contain APEO and formaldehyde, easy to biodegrade, green environmental protection; Non-toxic, non-stimulating, non-flammable and explosive, safe to use. Widely used in the preparation of low foam beer bottle cleaning agent, low foam food equipment pipe cleaning agent, low foam tableware cleaning agent, low foam carpet cleaning agent, high pressure spray cleaning agent, low foam metal degreasing agent, low foam fiber refining agent, low foam leather degreasing agent and other industrial and civil cleaning agent.
Yellow robe cleaning agent
Yellow robe cleaning agent is a water-based cleaning agent composed of surfactants and additives with strong penetration ability, which can effectively remove grease, paraffin, carbon trace, dye, mildew and other dirt on the surface of machinery and equipment, buildings and so on.
Product Features:
1, strong: with strong penetration ability, can penetrate into the "yellow robe" bottom, so that stripping.
2, safety: no burning, no corrosion to human body, equipment, plastic and metal safety.
3, economy: according to the degree of different dirt, can be diluted with water into different multiples of use.
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